Before Submitting a Paper, Please Note the

Following Information

Step 1: registration at the conference site
  • after reading guideline and scope of the conference, please create account in registration system by entering requested information.
  • You will receive an email from the system that you must click on the link to be transferred to your user account.
  • Your registration will be complete by entering other information in the user’s panel.
Step 2: abstract submission
  • Once registered, you will be taken to the conference page. by selecting the “Submit Abstract” from the menu on the right of your screen, you will be taken to the article submission section.
  • please upload and submit the abstract which is prepared based on approved format, as word and pdf files.
  • Note: Please double check all of your information because after clicking on the submit button, editing and deleting is not possible.
  • Note: The status of acceptance or rejection of the article can be tracked through the user’s panel and email.
Step 3: sending the full paper and registration to attend the conference

At least one of the authors from each accepted paper must pay the processing fee and full registration fee and attend the conference to present the paper.

Method of registration fee payment:

After logging in to the user panel enter the “My Roles (Author Panel)” section and by choosing the desired conference in “payment fee” section, pay the allocated cost.

Only abstracts or full paper that have been prepared in the specified template will be reviewed. Click to see the template:

  • Submission of abstracts or full papers is possible only through the congress system and after registration. Abstracts or articles submitted by email will not be considered.
  • Articles whose authors are all students will not be accepted.
  • The authors' names whose abstracts or articles have been uploaded to the Congress system cannot be changed.
  • Articles co-authored by a student must have a faculty member, and the email address of the correspondent author must belong to his or her university or higher education institution. In this case, if a student uploads the article, it is necessary to send a confirmation email by the faculty member to the secretariat to accept responsibility for the article.
  • In articles received from owners and those involved in the construction industry, it is necessary to mention the job affiliation (institution, organization, company, etc.) of the author(s). Each author (regardless of the order of appearance in the list of authors) can have a maximum of five accepted articles (oral and poster presentations combined) in Persian or English, a maximum of four in Persian.
  • Articles submitted in English must be presented in English if accepted.
  • If more than five articles from one author are accepted, additional articles will be removed in the first stage by choice of the author and in the next step by the Congress Secretariat's selection.
  • If an author has more than one accepted article, after registering the first article, he must pay 1,000,000 Rials to register each of the second to fifth articles.
  • For each complete article uploaded in the system for the final judgment, the amount of 500,000 Rials "processing cost" must be paid through the system's electronic payment system. This amount will be deducted from the registration fee for articles accepted for submission (oral or poster submission).
  • Rejected articles will not be refunded.
  • The article must have already been submitted with payment of the relevant registration fee (original with author or additional) to upload fully revised articles. Otherwise, the article will be removed from the submission schedule.
  • To attend the various sessions and sections of Congress and present the paper, each author must initially register.
  • Accepted articles (for oral or poster presentation) must be presented by one of the article's authors.
  • Submitted articles that are not presented will not be certified.

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