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Important dates on the website's homepage can be viewed. Any changes and probable extended article submission date will be notified on the homepage.
To maintain the coordination of the articles contained in the conference collection, the conference writing format (header, article framework, and suggested fonts) is required. Therefore, it is suggested that you download the help file and submit your article to the suggested format before posting your article in the related section.
Yes. Participants interested in taking part in lectures, meetings and panels, workshops, and exhibition booths of this conference can attend the conference by registering as an unofficial participant without any article and receive the conference's certificate.
To submit the article, at first you must register your information in the registration section of the site. Then enter your username and password in the login field. After logging in to the user's system for submitting the article in the menu, follow the submission instructions for a new article, step by step. (For more information, see registration and submission guideline)
Note: The registration of the article is not accepted by email and it is obvious that the article will not be reviewed by email due to making the admission process difficult. Conference emails are just for answering the comments, suggestions, questions and problems of the researchers.
Any changes in the status of registration and submission of the article in the system will be notified to you by email registered in the system. Furthermore, you can view the status of your submitted articles in the user's system.
No, Registration in the conference system, submission and review of articles is free, and researchers will only pay the conference fee after admission of the articles (you will be informed through the notification email and in the user panel) for final registration. The registration fee for the conference is announced in the relevant section on the website.
Yes, with the final registration of each article, separate certificates will be published for all of the authors and will be given to the corresponding author on the day of the conference.
Yes, co-authors can attend the conference as unofficial participant without any paper.
Students can use registration discount by scanning the relevant certificates.
The executive committee places the help file of oral presentation and posters on the site for the PowerPoint file at least 5 days before the holding of conference. It should be noted that files which are not provided in the mentioned format will not be considered.

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